All About The Shabath Of Yahuah

Have you ever wondered how to keep this rest day? When does it begin: sundown or in the morning? Can we go to a restaurant for a quick bite on the shabath? If you have been stranded on a lunar cycle for shabath, you will have to reconcile many scriptures in the Turah concerning this practice. Can we cook on the shabath? What about “carrying loads” or turning on the oven? What are the details and where can we find the answers? Those who really want to know what pleases Yahuah will please Him. They will be willing to lose it all for the sake of what He said. This includes a well paying job you have worked your whole life for. Are you willing to give that up for the sake of a single commandment given by an unseen Mighty One? How much pressure are you willing to take before you say, “That’s enough!” You will be tested to see if you really love Yahuah; to see if you are faithful. Persecution is all part of the package.

I have taken it upon myself to list as many passages as I can on every detail that Yahuah spoke about concerning the Shabath. But Here is the clincher: I have only listed passages from the Old Testament. No New Testament info here at all. The reason why I have done it this way, is because I am convinced that what Yahuah said in the beginning is sufficient. The books of the prophets reveal so much about how Yashar`al disobeyed this command, that you would have to have help to miss the details. Yahuah repeats Himself so many times on this one command it’s astounding! If you don’t believe me, check it out for yourself…


Yahuah’s First Shabath

B r’ashyth/Gen 2:1 Thus the heavens and the earth were completed, and all their array.

B r’ashyth/Gen 2:2 And on the seventh day Alahym completed His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made.

B r’ashyth/Gen 2:3 And Alahym favored the seventh day and set it apart, because on it He rested from all His work which Alahym in creating had made.


Mashah Teaches Shabath

Shamuth/Ex 16:23 And he said to them, “This is what Yahuah has said, ‘Tomorrow is a rest, a Shabath set-apart to Yahuah. That which you bake, bake; and that which you cook, cook. And lay up for yourselves all that is left over, to keep it until morning.’ ” (No cooking on the Shabath)

Shamuth/Ex 16:24 And they laid it up till morning, as Mashah commanded. And it did not stink, and no worm was in it.

Shamuth/Ex 16:25 And Mashah said, “Eat it today, for today is a Shabath to Yahuah, today you do not find it in the field.

Shamuth/Ex 16:26 “Gather it six days, but on the seventh day, which is the Shabath, there is none.”

Shamuth/Ex 16:27 And it came to be that some of the people went out on the seventh day to gather, but they found none.

Shamuth/Ex 16:28 And Yahuah said to Mashah, “How long shall you refuse to guard My commands and My Turah?

Shamuth/Ex 16:29 “See, because Yahuah has given you the Shabath, therefore He is giving you bread for two days on the sixth day. Let each one stay in his place, do not let anyone go out of his place on the seventh day.”

 Mashah had seen enough. He could not believe that this people was actually leaving their tent for the sole purpose of looking for manna on the seventh day in the field, when he specifically told them that it will not be found on the ground. They were supposed to prep on the 6th day and chill. So now, to keep them from making Yahuah angry, he told them to stay in their tents. If you have the propensity to break shabath, it might be a good idea for you to stay home. Otherwise, have a nice walk in the open air. But be careful – sin lies at the door!


The Shabath Command – Remember It

Shamuth/Ex 20:8 “Remember the Shabath day, to set it apart.

Shamuth/Ex 20:9 “Six days you labor, and shall do all your work,

Shamuth/Ex 20:10 but the seventh day is a Shabath of Yahuah your Alahym. You do not do any work – you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates.

Shamuth/Ex 20:11 “For in six days Yahuah made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore Yahuah favored the Shabath day and set it apart.

 This day clearly has a cycle – a weekly cycle. We work for 6 days and then rest on the seventh.


Year of Shabath And Day of Shabath

Shamuth/Ex 23:10 “And for six years you are to sow your land, and shall gather its increase,

Shamuth/Ex 23:11 but the seventh year you are to let it rest, and shall leave it, and the poor of your people shall eat. And what they leave, the beasts of the field eat. Do the same with your vineyard and your olive yard.

Shamuth/Ex 23:12 “Six days you are to do your work, and on the seventh day you rest, in order that your ox and your donkey might rest, and the son of your female servant and the sojourner be refreshed.

Yahuah makes an excellent comparison here: For six years, sow. On the seventh year, don’t sow. For six days work. On the seventh day, don’t work.


Guard The Day Of Shabath

Shamuth/Ex 31:12 And Yahuah spoke to Mashah, saying,

Shamuth/Ex 31:13 “And you, speak to the children of Yashar`al, saying, ‘My Shabaths you are to guard, by all means, for it is a sign between Me and you throughout your generations, to know that I, Yahuah, am setting you apart.

Shamuth/Ex 31:14 ‘And you shall guard the Shabath, for it is set-apart to you. Everyone who profanes it shall certainly be put to death, for anyone who does work on it, that being shall be cut off from among his people.

Shamuth/Ex 31:15 ‘Six days work is done, and on the seventh is a Shabath of rest, set-apart to Yahuah. Everyone doing work on the Shabath day shall certainly be put to death.

Shamuth/Ex 31:16 ‘And the children of Yashar`al shall guard the Shabath, to observe the Shabath throughout their generations as an everlasting covenant.

Shamuth/Ex 31:17 ‘Between Me and the children of Yashar`al it is a sign forever. For in six days Yahuah made the heavens and the earth, and on the seventh day He rested and was refreshed.’”

Shamuth/Ex 35:1 And Mashah assembled all the congregation of the children of Yashar`al, and said to them, “These are the Words which Yahuah has commanded you to do:

Shamuth/Ex 35:2 “Work is done for six days, but on the seventh day it shall be set-apart to you, a Shabath of rest to Yahuah. Anyone doing work on it is put to death.

Shamuth/Ex 35:3 “Do not kindle a fire in any of your dwellings on the Shabath day.”

 Can you count how many times Yahuah repeated Himself in those last 9 passages?


Respect Father And Mother – Guard Shabath

U Yaqra/Lev 19:3 ‘Each one of you should fear his mother and his father, and guard My Shabath. I am Yahuah your Alahym.


Guard Shabath – Fear The Set Apart Place Of Yahuah

U Yaqra/Lev 19:30 ‘Guard My Shabaths and fear My set-apart place. I am Yahuah.


Shabath Is First On The “Appointed Times” List

U Yaqra/Lev 23:2 “Speak to the children of Yashar`al, and say to them, ‘The appointed times of Yahuah, which you are to proclaim as set-apart gatherings, My appointed times, are these:

U Yaqra/Lev 23:3 ‘Six days work is done, but the seventh day is a Shabath of rest, a set-apart gathering. You do no work, it is a Shabath to Yahuah in all your dwellings…


Shabath Used As A Guide For Counting Up To The Next Feast Day

U Yaqra/Lev 23:9 And Yahuah spoke to Mashah, saying,

U Yaqra/Lev 23:10 “Speak to the children of Yashar`al, and you shall say to them, ‘When you come into the land which I give you, and shall reap its harvest, then you shall bring a sheaf of the first-fruits of your harvest to the priest.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:11 ‘And he shall wave the sheaf before Yahuah, for your acceptance. On the morrow after the Shabath the priest waves it.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:15 ‘And from the morrow after the Shabath, from the day that you brought the sheaf of the wave offering, you shall count for yourselves: seven completed Shabaths.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:16 ‘Until the morrow after the seventh Shabath you count fifty days, then you shall bring a new grain offering to Yahuah.

 The weekly shabath is a steady anchor…it never moves. This is why it can be used as a guide.


Day Of Atonement Is A Shabath

U Yaqra/Lev 16:29 “And this shall be for you a law forever: In the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, you afflict your beings, and do no work, the native or the stranger who sojourns among you.

U Yaqra/Lev 16:30 “For on that day he makes atonement for you, to cleanse you, to be clean from all your sins before Yahuah.

U Yaqra/Lev 16:31 “It is a Shabath of rest for you, and you shall afflict your beings – a law forever.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:26 And Yahuah spoke to Mashah, saying,

U Yaqra/Lev 23:27 “On the tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. It shall be a set-apart gathering for you. And you shall afflict your beings, and shall bring an offering made by fire to Yahuah.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:28 “And you do no work on that same day, for it is the Day of Atonement, to make atonement for you before Yahuah your Alahym.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:29 “For any being who is not afflicted on that same day, he shall be cut off from his people.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:30 “And any being who does any work on that same day, that being I shall destroy from the midst of his people.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:31 “You do no work – a law forever throughout your generations in all your dwellings.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:32 ‘It is a Shabath of rest to you, and you shall afflict your beings. On the ninth day of the month at evening, from evening to evening, you observe your Shabath.”


Two Shabaths For The Festival Of Booths

U Yaqra/Lev 23:33 And Yahuah spoke to Mashah, saying,

U Yaqra/Lev 23:34 “Speak to the children of Yashar`al, saying, ‘On the fifteenth day of this seventh month is the Festival of Booths for seven days to Yahuah.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:35 ‘On the first day is a set-apart gathering, you do no servile work. (Shabath)

U Yaqra/Lev 23:36 ‘For seven days you bring an offering made by fire to Yahuah. On the eighth day there shall be a set-apart gathering for you, and you shall bring an offering made by fire to Yahuah. It is a closing festival, you do no servile work. (Shabath)

U Yaqra/Lev 23:37 ‘These are the appointed times of Yahuah which you proclaim as set-apart gatherings, to bring an offering made by fire to Yahuah, a burnt offering and a grain offering, a slaughtering and drink offerings, as commanded for every day –

U Yaqra/Lev 23:38 besides the Shabaths of Yahuah, and besides your gifts, and besides all your vows, and besides all your voluntary offerings which you give to Yahuah.

U Yaqra/Lev 23:39 ‘On the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when you gather in the fruit of the land, observe the festival of Yahuah for seven days. On the first day is a rest, and on the eighth day a rest.


Arranging The Shew-Bread On The Shabath

U Yaqra/Lev 24:1 And Yahuah spoke to Mashah, saying,

U Yaqra/Lev 24:2 “Command the children of Yashar`al that they bring to you clear oil of pressed olives for the light, to make the lamps burn continually.

U Yaqra/Lev 24:3 “Outside the veil of the Witness, in the Tent of Meeting, Aharon is to arrange it from evening until morning before Yahuah continually – a law forever throughout your generations.

U Yaqra/Lev 24:4 “He is to arrange the lamps on the clean gold lampstand before Yahuah continually.

U Yaqra/Lev 24:5 “And you shall take fine flour and bake twelve cakes with it, two-tenths [of an aphah] in each cake.

U Yaqra/Lev 24:6 “And you shall set them in two rows, six in a row, on the clean table before Yahuah.

U Yaqra/Lev 24:7 “And you shall put clear frankincense on each row, and it shall be on the bread as a remembrance portion, an offering made by fire to Yahuah.

U Yaqra/Lev 24:8On every Shabath he is to arrange it before Yahuah continually, from the children of Yashar`al – an everlasting covenant.

U Yaqra/Lev 24:9 “And it shall be for Aharon and his sons, and they shall eat it in the set-apart place, because it is most set-apart to him from the offerings of Yahuah made by fire – an everlasting law.”


Yahuah Commands The Land To Rest

U Yaqra/Lev 25:1 And Yahuah spoke to Mashah on Mount Syny, saying,

U Yaqra/Lev 25:2 “Speak to the children of Yashar`al, and say to them, ‘When you come into the land which I give you, then the land shall observe a Shabath to Yahuah.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:3 ‘Six years you sow your field, and six years you prune your vineyard, and gather in its fruit,

U Yaqra/Lev 25:4 but in the seventh year, the land is to have a Shabath of rest – a Shabath to Yahuah. Do not sow your field and do not prune your vineyard.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:5 ‘Do not reap what grows of its own of your harvest, and do not gather the grapes of your unpruned vine, for it is a year of rest for the land.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:6 ‘And the Shabath of the land shall be to you for food, for you and your servant, and for your female servant and your hired servant, and for the stranger who sojourns with you,

U Yaqra/Lev 25:7 and for your livestock and the beasts that are in your land. All its crops are for food.

This is that unique time when you don’t have to pull weeds, prune or clean out the field for the next planting. Nope! Bring in your animals to chow down with the neighbors! I would love to see this law in action.


The Shabath Of The Fiftieth Year

U Yaqra/Lev 25:8 ‘And you shall count seven Shabaths of years for yourself, seven times seven years. And the time of the seven Shabaths of years shall be to you forty-nine years.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:9 ‘You shall then sound a ram’s horn to pass through on the tenth day of the seventh month, on the Day of Atonement cause a ram’s horn to pass through all your land.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:10 ‘And you shall set the fiftieth year apart, and proclaim release throughout all the land to all its inhabitants, it is a Jubilee for you. And each of you shall return to his possession, and each of you return to his clan.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:11 ‘The fiftieth year is a Jubilee to you. Do not sow, nor reap what grows of its own, nor gather from its unpruned vine.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:12 ‘It is a Jubilee, it is set-apart to you. Eat from the field its crops.

U Yaqra/Lev 25:13 ‘In the Year of this Jubilee let each one of you return to his possession.


Fear Yahuah – Guard His Shabaths

U Yaqra/Lev 26:2 ‘Guard My Shabaths and fear My set-apart place. I am Yahuah.


Yahuah Will Force The Land To Rest

U Yaqra/Lev 26:23 ‘And if you are not instructed by Me by these, but walk contrary to Me,

U Yaqra/Lev 26:24 then I also shall walk contrary to you, and I Myself shall smite you seven times for your sins.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:25 ‘And I shall bring against you a sword executing the vengeance of My covenant, and you shall gather together in your cities, and I shall send pestilence among you, and you shall be given into the hand of the enemy.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:26 ‘When I have cut off your supply of bread, ten women shall bake your bread in one oven, and they shall bring back to you your bread by weight, and you shall eat and not be satisfied.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:27 ‘And if in spite of this, you do not obey Me, but walk contrary to Me,

U Yaqra/Lev 26:28 then I shall walk contrary to you in wrath. And I Myself shall punish you seven times for your sins.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:29 ‘And you shall eat the flesh of your sons, and eat the flesh of your daughters.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:30 ‘And I shall destroy your high places, and cut down your sun-pillars, and put your carcasses on the carcasses of your idols. And My being shall loathe you.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:31 ‘And I shall turn your cities into ruins and lay your set-apart places waste, and not smell your sweet fragrances.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:32 ‘And I shall lay the land waste, and your enemies who dwell in it shall be astonished at it.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:33 ‘And I shall scatter you among the gentiles and draw out a sword after you. And your land shall be desert and your cities ruins,

U Yaqra/Lev 26:34 and the land enjoy its Shabaths as long as it lies waste and you are in your enemies’ land. Then the land would rest and enjoy its Shabaths.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:35 ‘As long as it lies waste it rests, for the time it did not rest on your Shabaths when you dwelt in it.

U Yaqra/Lev 26:43 ‘For the land was abandoned by them, and enjoying its Shabaths while lying waste without them, and they were paying for their crookedness, because they rejected My right-rulings and because their being loathed My laws.


Death Sentence For Shabath Breakers

B Madbar/Num 15:32 And while the children of Yashar`al were in the wilderness, they found a man gathering sticks on the Shabath day.

B Madbar/Num 15:33 And those who found him gathering sticks brought him to Mashah and to Aharon, and to all the congregation.

B Madbar/Num 15:34 And they put him in under guard, because it had not been declared what should be done to him.

B Madbar/Num 15:35 And Yahuah said to Mashah, “The man shall certainly be put to death, all the congregation stoning him with stones outside the camp.”

B Madbar/Num 15:36 And all the congregation brought him outside the camp and stoned him with stones, as Yahuah commanded Mashah, and he died.


A Command Of Remembrance After Shabath Breaking

B Madbar/Num 15:37 And Yahuah spoke to Mashah, saying,

B Madbar/Num 15:38 “Speak to the children of Yashar`al, and you shall say to them to make tzytzath on the corners of their garments throughout their generations, and to put a violet cord in the tzytzath of the corners.

B Madbar/Num 15:39 “And it shall be to you for a tzytzath, and you shall see it, and shall remember all the commands of Yahuah and shall do them, and not search after your own heart and your own eyes after which you went whoring,

B Madbar/Num 15:40 so that you remember, and shall do all My commands, and be set-apart unto your Alahym.

B Madbar/Num 15:41 “I am Yahuah your Alahym, who brought you out of the land of Matsarym, to be your Alahym. I am Yahuah your Alahym.”

 If you recall, after that guy who broke shabath was stoned, Yahuah told the people to put tassels on so they would remember to do His commands. It was getting serious now, cause somebody just died over this rebellion Yahuah wanted to pull out of their hearts. Yahuah is doing everything He can to wake these people up. Tassels remind us not only to guard the shabath, but also, to guard all His commands. So, you gotta get those tassels on to rattle your memory banks into submission!


Offering On The Shabath

B Madbar/Num 28:9 ‘And on the Shabath day two lambs a year old, perfect ones, and two-tenths [of an ĕphah] of fine flour as a grain offering, mixed with oil, with its drink offering,

B Madbar/Num 28:10 the burnt offering for every Shabath, besides the continual burnt offering with its drink offering.


Yahuah Speaks Of  The Command Again

Dabarym/Deut 5:12 ‘Guard the Shabath day, to set it apart, as Yahuah your Alahym commanded you.

Dabarym/Deut 5:13 ‘Six days you labor, and shall do all your work,

Dabarym/Deut 5:14 but the seventh day is a Shabath of Yahuah your Alahym. You do not do any work – you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your ox, nor your donkey, nor any of your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates, so that your male servant and your female servant rest as you do.

Dabarym/Deut 5:15 ‘And you shall remember that you were a slave in the land of Matsarym, and that Yahuah your Alahym brought you out from there by a strong hand and by an outstretched arm. Therefore, Yahuah your Alahym commanded you to observe the Shabath day.


NachamYah Speaks Of  Shabath Breaking Of Yashar`al

NachamYah/Neh 9:14 “And You made known to them Your set-apart Shabath, and You commanded them commands and Turah , by the hand of Mashah Your servant.

NachamYah/Neh 9:15 “And You gave them bread from the heavens for their hunger, and brought them water out of the rock for their thirst, and said to them to go in to possess the land which You had sworn to give them.

NachamYah/Neh 9:16 “But they and our fathers acted proudly, and hardened their necks, and did not obey Your commands.


NachamYah Reports His People Will Guard Shabath (or he thinks so)

NachamYah/Neh 10:31 We will not buy on the Shabath or on a Set-Apart Day from the neighboring peoples who bring their wares and all kinds of grain to sell on the Shabath day. We will let the land rest every seventh year, and we will cancel every loan.

NachamYah/Neh 10:32 We accept responsibility we imposed on ourselves for fulfilling the commands to give one third of a shekel (in addition to the half shekel commanded by Yahuah Ex 30:13) each year for the work of the Hykal of our Alahym,

NachamYah/Neh 10:33 for the loaves of presentation and for the regular grain offerings and regular burnt offerings, for the Shabaths, for the new moons, for the appointed meetings, for the Set-Apart offerings, for the sin offerings to make atonement for Yashar`al, and for all the work of the Hykal of our Alahym.

 Well, so far so good with all the good intentions but unfortunately, it wont last…


NachamYah Go’s The Extra Mile To Guard Shabath

NachamYah/Neh 13:15 In those days I saw in Yahudah, those treading wine presses on the Shabath and bringing in sheaves; loading donkeys with wine, grapes, and figs, and all kinds of things to sell, which they brought into Yarushalam on the Shabath day. So I warned [them] on the day they sold food.

NachamYah/Neh 13:16 And men of Tsur dwelt there, bringing in fish and all kinds of goods, and sold them on the Shabath to the children of Yahudah, and in Yarushalam. (Yashar’al began breaking Shabath immediately after returning from captivity. They still did not fear Yahuah)

NachamYah/Neh 13:17 Then I contended with the nobles of Yahudah, and said to them, “What evil matter is this that you are doing, profaning the Shabath day? (Clearly, buying food on the Shabath is wicked)

NachamYah/Neh 13:18 “Did not your fathers do the same so that our Alahym brought all this evil on us and on this city? Yet you bring added wrath on Yashar`al by profaning the Shabath.”

NachamYah/Neh 13:19 And it came to be, at the gates of Yarushalam, as it began to be dark before the Shabath,  (Shabath begins at sundown) that I commanded the gates to be shut, and commanded that they should not be opened till after the Shabath. And I stationed some of my servants at the gates, so that no burdens (things to sell: food and other items) would be brought in on the Shabath day. (This guy was terrified that Yahuah would punish them more)

NachamYah/Neh 13:20 And the merchants and sellers of all kinds of wares spent the night outside Yarushalam once or twice,

NachamYah/Neh 13:21 and I warned them, and said to them, “Why do you spend the night around the wall? If you do so again, I lay hands on you!” From that time on they came no more on the Shabath. (He threatened to beat them)

NachamYah/Neh 13:22 And I commanded the Luy that they should cleanse themselves, and they should come, guarding the gates, to set apart the Shabath day. Remember me, my Alahym, concerning this also, and pardon me according to the greatness of Your kindness! (Doing the command is fruit of repentance. Yahu`al/Joel 2:11 And יהוה shall give forth His voice before His army, for His camp is very great, for mighty is the doer of His word. For the day of יהוה is great and very awesome, and who does bear it? )

Essentially, you are a coward if you break Shabath.

Yashar`al Turns The Set Apart Days Into Sodom And Gomorrah Party Favors

YashaYahu/Isa 1:10 Hear the word of Yahuah, you rulers of Sadam; give ear to the Turah of our Alahym, you people of Amarah! (He compares His people to a people whom He destroyed by fire and brimstone)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:11 “Of what use to Me are your many slaughterings?” declares Yahuah. “I have had enough of burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fed beasts. I do not delight in the blood of bulls, or of lambs or goats. (Spilled blood is not what Yahuah is after. He is after their obedience to His specific instructions on how to present these slaughterings and the condition of the beast before it is slaughtered)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:12 “When you come to appear before Me, who has required this from your hand, to trample My courtyards? (They are compared to the gentiles who trample the land after Yashar`al is exiled. They are behaving like the gentile who does not know Yahuah at this point)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:13 “Stop bringing futile offerings, incense, it is an abomination to Me. New Moons, Shabaths, the calling of meetings – I am unable to bear unrighteousness and assembly. (They were doing their own thing straying from the command, adding to the command and twisting right-ruling during Yahuah’s Set-Apart Days)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:14 “My being hates your New Moons and your appointed times, they are a trouble to Me, I am weary of bearing them.

YashaYahu/Isa 1:15 “And when you spread out your hands, I hide My eyes from you – even though you make many prayers, I do not hear. Your hands have become filled with blood. (Mashly/Prov 28:9 states: “He who turns his ear from hearing Turah, even his prayer is an abomination)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:16 “Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Stop doing evil! (Washing ourselves, is putting away evil.)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:17 “Learn to do good! Seek right-ruling, reprove the oppressor, defend the fatherless, plead for the widow. (Clearly, they were not doing these things during any of the Set Apart Days or any other day. They were not pleading for the widow, they were not defending the fatherless, they were not correcting the oppressor, yet they were thinking they could slaughter to Yahuah without Him noticing the evil taking place in the land. Those who sit in the seat of authority, are the first ones Yahuah will address when evil is found running rampant in any nation. This is what made their Shabath, their assemblies, their new moons and slaughterings so disgusting to Yahuah aside from their disobedience to His instructions for the Set Apart Days to begin with)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:18 “Come now, and let us reason together,” says Yahuah. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be as wool. (He begs them to turn around)

YashaYahu/Isa 1:19 “If you submit and obey, you shall eat the good of the land;

YashaYahu/Isa 1:20 but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword,” for the mouth of Yahuah has spoken.


Yahuah Promises To Favor The One Who Guards Shabath

YashaYahu/Isa 56:1 Thus said Yahuah, “Guard right-ruling, and do righteousness, for near is My deliverance to come, and My righteousness to be revealed.

YashaYahu/Isa 56:2 “Favored is the man who does this, and the son of man who lays hold on it, guarding the Shabath lest he profane it, and guarding his hand from doing any evil.

YashaYahu/Isa 56:3 “And let not the son of the foreigner who has joined himself to Yahuah speak, saying, ‘Yahuah has certainly separated me from His people,’ nor let the eunuch say, ‘Look I am a dry tree.’ ”

YashaYahu/Isa 56:4 For thus said Yahuah, “To the eunuchs who guard My Shabaths, and have chosen what pleases Me, and hold fast to My covenant:

YashaYahu/Isa 56:5 to them I shall give in My house and within My walls a place and a name better than that of sons and daughters – I give them an everlasting name that is not cut off.

YashaYahu/Isa 56:6 “Also the sons of the foreigner who join themselves to Yahuah, to serve Him, and to love the Name of Yahuah, to be His servants, all who guard the Shabath, and not profane it, and hold fast to My covenant –

YashaYahu/Isa 56:7 them I shall bring to My Set-Apart Mountain, and let them rejoice in My House of Prayer. Their burnt offerings and their slaughterings are accepted on My altar, for My house is called a house of prayer for all the peoples.”

YashaYahu/Isa 56:8 The Master Yahuah, who gathers the outcasts of Yashar`al, declares, “I gather still [others] to him besides those who are gathered to him.” (Yahuah will gather the gentile, who fixes himself to The Shabath and Covenant of Yahuah, with those who were scattered into the nations via The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The gentiles gathered at that time, will be excepted as “His people”)


Yahuah Wants Our Hearts To Be Excited For The Shabath


YashaYahu/Isa 58:13 ​​​​​​​You must observe the Shabath ​​​​​​rather than doing anything you please on My Set Apart Day. ​​​​​​You must look forward to the Shabath ​​​​​​and treat Yahuah’s Set Apart Day with respect. ​​​​​​You must treat it with respect by refraining from your normal activities, ​​​​​​and by refraining from your selfish pursuits and from making business deals.

YashaYahu/Isa 58:14 ​​​​​​​Then you will find joy in your relationship to Yahuah, ​​​​​​and I will give you great prosperity, ​​​​​​and cause crops to grow on the land I gave to your ancestor Y`aqob.” ​​​​​​Know for certain that Yahuah has spoken.

 So, pursuing our favorite sports activities is pretty much breaking shabath. What are you willing to give up?


A Foretelling For The Shabath

YashaYahu/Isa 66:22 “For as the new heavens and the new earth that I make stand before Me,” declares Yahuah, “so your seed and your name shall stand.

YashaYahu/Isa 66:23 “And it shall be that from New Moon to New Moon, and from Shabath to Shabath, all flesh shall come to worship before Me,” declares Yahuah.

YashaYahu/Isa 66:24 “And they shall go forth and look upon the corpses of the men who have transgressed against Me. For their worm shall not die, and their fire not be quenched. And they shall be repulsive to all flesh!”


YaramYahu Is Sent By Yahuah To Warn The People Again About Shabath

YaramYahu/Jer 17:19 Thus Yahuah said to me, “Go and stand in the gate of the children of the people, by which the sovereigns of Yahudah come in and by which they go out, and in all the gates of Yarushalam.

YaramYahu/Jer 17:20 “And you shall say to them, ‘Hear the word of Yahuah, you sovereigns of Yahudah, and all Yahudah, and all the inhabitants of Yarushalam, who enter by these gates.

YaramYahu/Jer 17:21 ‘Thus said Yahuah, “Guard yourselves, and bear no burden (loads of goods set on carts, donkeys or mules to be sold) on the Shabath day, nor bring it in by the gates of Yarushalam,

YaramYahu/Jer 17:22 nor take a burden out of your houses on the Shabath day, nor do any work. And you shall set apart the Shabath day, as I commanded your fathers.

YaramYahu/Jer 17:23 “But they did not obey, or incline their ear, and they made their neck stiff not to hear and not to receive instruction.

YaramYahu/Jer 17:24 “And it shall be, if you diligently obey Me,” declares Yahuah, “to bring in no burden through the gates of this city on the Shabath day, and set apart the Shabath day, to do no work in it,

YaramYahu/Jer 17:25 then sovereigns and heads sitting on the throne of Duyd shall enter in through the gates of this city, riding in chariots and on horses, they and their heads – the men of Yahudah and the inhabitants of Yarushalam. And this city shall be inhabited forever.

YaramYahu/Jer 17:26 “And they shall come from the cities of Yahudah and from the places around Yarushalam, and from the land of Banymyn and from the low country, from the mountains and from the South, bringing burnt offerings and slaughterings, grain offerings and incense, bringing offerings of praise to the House of Yahuah.

YaramYahu/Jer 17:27 “But if you do not obey Me to set apart the Shabath day, and not to bear a burden when entering the gates of Yarushalam on the Shabath day, then I shall kindle a fire in its gates, and it shall consume the palaces of Yarushalam, and not be quenched.” ’ ”


Woes For Disobedience – Remembering The Good Old Days

Aykah/Lam 1:7 In the days of her affliction and wandering, Yarushalam remembered all her precious [matters] she had in the days of old. When her people fell into the hand of the enemy; with no one to help her, the adversaries saw her and mocked at her Shabbaths.


Yahuah’s Rage Cannot Be Stopped

Aykah/Lam 2:5 Yahuah has been like an enemy. He has swallowed up Yashar`al, He has swallowed up all her palaces, He has destroyed her strongholds. And He increases mourning and lamentation In the daughter of Yahudah.

Aykah/Lam 2:6 He has demolished His booth like a garden, He has destroyed His place of meeting. Yahuah has made the appointed times and Shabaths To be forgotten in Tsyun, and despises sovereign and Kahan In His raging displeasure.


Shabath Is A Sign

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:12 “And I also gave them My Shabaths, to be a sign between them and Me, to know that I am Yahuah who sets them apart.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:13 “But the house of Yashar`al rebelled against Me in the wilderness. They did not walk in My laws, and they rejected My right-rulings, which, if a man does, he shall live by them. And they greatly profaned My Shabaths. Then I said I would pour out My wrath on them in the wilderness, to consume them.

 So far, we have learned from these passages, that the Shabath of Yahuah was given for two reasons:

  • to be a sign so that we would know it is Yahuah who sets us apart
  • so that we, our servants and animals can rest.


Shabath Keeping Is Hindered By The Heart That Goes After Idols

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:16 “…because they rejected My right-rulings and did not walk in My laws, and they profaned My Sabbaths. For their heart went after their idols.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:17 And My eye pardoned them, from destroying them. And I did not make an end of them in the wilderness.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:18 And I said to their children in the wilderness, ‘Do not walk in the laws of your fathers, nor observe their rulings, nor defile yourselves with their idols.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:19 ‘I am Yahuah your Alahym. Walk in My laws, and guard My right-rulings, and do them.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:20 And set apart My Shabaths, and they shall be a sign between Me and you, to know that I am Yahuah your Alahym.’

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:21 But the children rebelled against Me. They did not walk in My laws, and My right-rulings they did not guard to do them, which, if a man does, he shall live by them. They profaned My Shabaths, so I resolved to pour out My wrath on them to complete My displeasure against them in the wilderness.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:22 But I held back My hand and acted for My Name’s sake, not to profane it before the eyes of the gentiles, before whose eyes I had brought them out.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:23 Also, I Myself lifted My hand in an oath to those in the wilderness, to scatter them among the gentiles and disperse them throughout the lands,

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 20:24 because they had not done My right-rulings, they rejected My laws, profaned My Shabaths, and their eyes were on their fathers’ idols.”


Yahuah Sends Yachazaqʿal To Warn His People Of The Coming Wrath

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:1 And the word of Yahuah came to me, saying,

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:2 “And now, son of man, judge, judge the city of blood! And you shall show her all her abominations!

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:3 “And you shall say, ‘Thus said the Master Yahuah, “The city sheds blood in her midst, that her time might come. And she has made idols within herself to become defiled.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:4 “You have become guilty by the blood which you have shed, and have defiled yourself with the idols which you have made. Thus you have brought your days near, and have come to the end of your years. Therefore I shall make you a reproach to the gentiles, and a mockery to all lands.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:5 “Those near and those far from you mock you – defiled is your name and great the confusion!

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:6 “See the leaders of Yashar`al: each one has used his arm to shed blood in you.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:7 “They have despised father and mother within you. They have oppressed the stranger in your midst. They have wronged the fatherless and the widow within you.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:8 “You have despised that which is Set-Spart to Me, and you have profaned My Shabaths.


Hiding From The Command

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:23 And the word of Yahuah came to me, saying,

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:24 “Son of man, say to her, ‘You are a land that is not cleansed or rained upon in the day of displeasure.’

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:25 “There is a conspiracy of her prophets in her midst, like a roaring lion tearing the prey. They have devoured life, they have taken wealth and precious [matters], they have made many widows in her midst.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:26 “Her Kahan have done violence to My teaching and they profane My Set-Apart [matters]. They have not distinguished between the set-apart and profane, nor have they made known [the difference] between the unclean and the clean. And they have hidden their eyes from My Shabaths, and I am profaned in their midst.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:27 “Her leaders in her midst are like wolves tearing the prey, to shed blood, to destroy lives, and to get greedy gain.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 22:28 “And her prophets have coated them with whitewash, seeing a false vision, and divining a lie for them, saying, ‘Thus said the Master Yahuah,’ when Yahuah had not spoken.


Yahuah Reproves The Shabath Breakers

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 23:36 And Yahuah said to me, “Son of man, judge Ahalah and AhalYabah! And declare to them their abominations.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 23:37 “For they have committed adultery, and blood is on their hands. And they have committed adultery with their idols, and even offered their sons whom they bore to Me, passing them through [the fire], to devour.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 23:38 “They also did this to Me: They have defiled My Set-Apart place on the same day, and they have profaned My Shabaths.


Yahuah Teaches Yachazaqʿal What Is To Come

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 44:24 “And they are to stand as judges in a dispute, and judge it according to My right-rulings. And they are to guard My Turah and My laws in all My appointed festivals, and set apart My Shabaths.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 45:17 “And on the prince are the burnt offerings, and the grain offerings, and drink offerings, at the festival, the New Moons, the Shabaths – in all the appointed times of the house of Yashar`al. He is to prepare the sin offering, and the grain offering, and the burnt offering, and the peace offerings to make atonement for the house of Yashar`al.”

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 46:1 ‘Thus said the Master Yahuah, “The gate of the inner courtyard facing east is shut the six days of work, but on the Shabath it is opened, and on the day of the New Moon it is opened.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 46:3 “And the people of the land shall also bow themselves at the entrance to this gate before Yahuah, on the Shabaths and on the New Moons.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 46:4 “And the burnt offering which the prince brings to Yahuah on the Shabath day is six lambs, perfect ones, and a ram, a perfect one.

Yachazaqʿal/Ezek 46:12 “And when the prince makes a spontaneous burnt offering or spontaneous peace offerings to Yahuah, the gate facing east shall be opened for him. And he shall prepare his burnt offering and his peace offerings as he did on the Shabath day. And he shall go out, and after he goes out the gate shall be shut.


Yahuah Removes All He’s Given Them

Husha/Hos 2:8 “And she did not acknowledge that I gave her grain, and new wine, and oil, and increased her silver and gold which they prepared for B῾al.

Husha/Hos 2:9 “Therefore I shall turn back and shall take my grain in its time and My new wine in its season, and I shall take away My wool and My linen covering her nakedness.

Husha/Hos 2:10 “And now I shall uncover her shame before the eyes of her lovers, and no one shall deliver her from My hand.

Husha/Hos 2:11 “And I shall cause all her rejoicing, her festivals, her New Moons, and her Shabaths, even all her appointed times, to cease,

Husha/Hos 2:12 and lay waste her vines and her fig trees, of which she has said, ‘these are my rewards that my lovers have given me.’ And I shall make them a forest, and the beasts of the field shall eat them.

Husha/Hos 2:13 “And I shall punish her for the days of the B῾al’s to which she burned incense and adorned herself with her rings and jewelry, and went after her lovers, and forgot Me,” declares Yahuah.


Yahuah Remembers Wicked Works Of The Unrepentant

Amus/Amos 8:4 Hear this, you who are swallowing up the needy, to do away with the poor of the land,

Amus/Amos 8:5 saying, “When does the New Moon pass so that we sell grain, and the Shabath so that we trade our wheat, to make the aphah small and the shaqal large, and to falsify the scales by deceit,

Amus/Amos 8:6 to buy the poor for silver, and the needy for a pair of sandals, and sell the chaff of the wheat?”

Amus/Amos 8:7 Yahuah has sworn by the Excellency of Y῾aqob, “I shall never forget any of their works.


Amus/Amos 8:5​​​​​​​ You say, ​​​​​​“When will the new moon festival be over, so we can sell grain? ​​​​​​When will the Shabath end, so we can open up the grain bins? ​​​​​​We’re eager to sell less for a higher price, ​​​​​​and to cheat the buyer with rigged scales! (This is exactly what I see here in Egypt)

Amus/Amos 8:6 ​​​​​​​we’re eager to trade silver for the poor, ​​​​​​a pair of sandals for the needy! ​​​​​​We want to mix in some chaff with the grain!”

Amus/Amos 8:7 ​​​​​​​Yahuah confirms this oath by the arrogance of Y῾aqob: ​​​​​​“I swear I will never forget all you have done!

The Shabath of Yahuah – Guard it!