The Law of Heaven

The Law of Heaven 

by Yʿanah Kathath  

It is well known, the Laws given to Mashah/Moses came out of heaven where Yahuah dwells (Ex 20:22). He calls His dwelling place, “The Reign of the Heavens”, or “Government/Rule of the Heavens.” It is also known as the “Kingdom of Heaven.” This kingdom which enforces right-ruling and perfectly executes punishment for the wrong, is not a kingdom without law. Those who are without the only law given from heaven, are those who are counted among the lawless. (Deut 25:16, Lev 19:15, Ps 6:8)  


H4910 – משל  

have dominion over, rule, govern, dwell as sovereign

MykYah/Mic 5:2 “But you, Byth Lacham Aphrathah, you who are little among the clans of Yahudah, out of you shall come forth to Me the One to become Ruler in Yasharal. And His comings forth are of old, from everlasting.”


Kingdom also translated as Reign

H4438 – מלכת  

kingdom, dominion, reign, sovereignty, realm

Tahalym/Ps 45:6 Your throne, Alahym, is forever and ever. The scepter of Your Kingdom is a scepter of straightness.

You cannot know how to live in this reign, if you reject the Laws within this same reign.

Tahalym/Ps 2:6-12 “But I, I have set My Sovereign on Tsyun, My set-apart mountain. I inscribe for a law: יהוה has said to Me, ‘You are My Son, today I have brought You forth. ‘Ask of Me, and I make the gentiles Your inheritance, and the ends of the earth Your possession. ‘Break them with a rod of iron, and dash them to pieces like a potter’s vessel.’  And now, be wise, O sovereigns. Be instructed, you rulers of the earth. Serve יהוה with fear, and rejoice with trembling. Kiss the Son, lest He be enraged, and you perish in the way. For soon His wrath is to be kindled. Favored are all those taking refuge in Him.

Tahalym/Ps 110:2 יהוה sends Your mighty scepter out of Tsyun. Rule in the midst of Your enemies!

This ruler will enforce His law with a scepter or rod of iron that cannot be broken. He will govern His people with a Law that has been tried, purified; tested under fire (Ps 12:6, 119:140, Prov 30:5, 2Sam 22:31). Those He rules over will either submit to His authority and love Him or they will be crushed under His rule. He will not deviate from right-ruling, and cannot be overcome. Anyone who is in opposition to Him, is in opposition to straight, perfect and righteous laws. These laws or right-rulings can only be found here on earth in the Law given to Mashah/Moses known as the Book of the Turah. But, it did not originate among us. It did not come from the minds of men. This Law came down from the Reign of the Heavens, or “Kingdom of Heaven.”

Mankind is in desperate need of this Law. Yahuah felt His creation needed it so much, He devised an elaborate plan to introduce it to a nation of people He would deliver from slavery, enter into covenant with, and claim as His own forever, as a witness to the rest of the nations. This Law has since been rejected by every known government in the earth as well as every religion known to man. In the books of the Nabya/prophets, it is foretold that a remnant in the earth will return to this Law in the latter days (Hos 3:5, Mic 4:1-3). In spite of Christian doctrine instructing many to regard the Turah and its Old Testament laws as “nullified” and “done away with”, King Duyd/David, known as, “The man after Yahuah՚s own heart,” (1Sam 13:14) loved this Law. He ruled his kingdom by this Law, taught his children this Law and wrote songs about this Law. Without any further introduction, this extraordinary man explains in Ps 19:7-11 how the Turah is a necessity for our being.  

Tahalym/Ps 19:7-11 The Turah of יהוה is perfect, bringing back the being. The witness of יהוה is trustworthy, making wise the simple. The orders of יהוה are straight, rejoicing the heart. The command of יהוה is clear, enlightening the eyes. The fear of יהוה is clean, standing forever. The right-rulings of יהוה are true, and are righteous altogether, more desirable than gold ―much fine gold; and sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. Also, Your servant is warned by them, in guarding them there is great reward.

Tahalym/Ps 23:3 He turns back my being. He leads me in paths of righteousness For His Name’s sake.


Make note of the phrase, He turns back my being. If our being is turned back, it would be for salvation. He makes a bold claim that the Turah is perfect. This is suggesting that the Turah is enough to save us from what would have happened, had we not turned back. So, let’s see what we can find in this idea of turning back.

I want to map out what was stated in the previous passage by King Duyd/David

  • The Turah of יהוה perfect
  • The witness of יהוה -trustworthy
  • The orders of יהוה -straight
  • The command of יהוה -clear
  • The fear of יהוה -clean
  • The right-rulings of יהוה -true

Bring back the being from what? Where did the being go that it needs to be brought back? Furthermore, back to what?

We have been convinced through years of teachings, that the Turah is “Nuthin but a Jewish thang.” It was necessary in the past, but now, is only good for moral teachings only. We are told things like, “Eating pig or not eating pig, is your choice―no big deal about those clean and unclean laws. Those food laws and other unclean laws are done away with.” We are taught that the Ten Commandments are all we are required to know in this age. Rather than adhere to the teachings of men, I challenge the reader to consider what is actually written about this Turah and those other commands we have been told are no longer valid.

The Turah is Perfect

H8549 תמים

complete, whole, entire, sound, healthful, wholesome, unimpaired, innocent, having integrity what is complete or entirely in accord with truth and fact

To stray, or consider invalid or non-negotiable; passed away or no longer in the equation, from something that is known for its integrity and entirely in accord with truth and fact, is utter madness, insanity―stupid.

Bring back


return, come back, go back

This word is translated throughout the scriptures with various terms preserving the same idea or meaning; to return or come back. The King James and Ts98 Version of The Scriptures translates this word as follows:

return, turn back, go again, put, brought again, restore, drew back, bring again, bring back, subside, reverse, retire, converting, recompense, withdrawal, render, repent.

The 12 Tribes of Yasharal were instructed to cling to the Words of Yahuah given to Mashah/Moses (Deut 8:3, 11:22). These words were written down by Mashah and given titles such as, His Word, commands, instructions, judgements and ordinances when referring to right-rulings, statutes, orders, precepts, charge, witnesses, Laws and Right-Rulings, or just simply using the Hebrew word, Turah/תורה (1 Kgs 2:3). Yahuah consistently begged His people to return, repent, come back, or turn back to His Laws and right-rulings. Deut 30 gives fair warning to these tribes to turn back during their fits of rebellion against these laws, before and after they ensnared themselves in the revolving door of captivity and slavery. Yahuah was always faithful in receiving them back when they fully repented and returned to the Law of Yahuah with all their being. Below, is a portion of verse 2 in Deut 30.

Dabarym/Deut 30:120 2and shall turn back to יהוה your Alahym and obey His voice, according to all that I command you today, with all your heart and with all your being, you and your children…”

Every time they transgressed, Yahuah continued to hold fast to straightness. He was consistently faithful and righteous, bringing them back to right-ruling every single time. He would never change. He waited for them to change and return back to the Law of straightness they refused to cling to.

NachamYah/Neh 9:28-29 “But after they had rest, they turned back to do evil before You. Then You left them in the hand of their enemies, so that they ruled over them. But when they turned back and cried out to You, You heard from the heavens, and delivered them according to Your compassion, many times, and warned them, to bring them back to Your Turah. But they acted proudly, and did not obey Your commands, and sinned against Your right-rulings, ‘which if a man does, he shall live by them.’ And they gave the rebellious shoulder and hardened their necks, and would not hear. (Lev 18:5, Eze 33:15, Prov 4:4; 7:2)

Yahuah always brought them back to the same dinner plate; the same feast of obedience ―His commands and right-rulings that guaranteed their length of days and goodness in the land beyond what any other nation had ever seen or experienced (Deut 4:40, 25:15, 30:20, Prov 3:1-2). Whenever the 12 tribes continued in this meal of commands, they were always favored. Yahuah՚s wrath was turned away from them when they loved Him and obeyed His commands. This was the result of a changed heart in how they viewed the Turah. One would call this repentance. Yahuah constantly handed out forgiveness to this nation whenever they turned back or repented. His mercy was astonishing.

Dabary ha yamym Byth/2Chr 30:9 “For if you turn back to יהוה, your brothers and your children shall be shown compassion by their captors, even to return to this land. For יהוה your Alahym shows favor and compassion, and does not turn His face from you if you turn back to Him.”

Notice that turning back to Him, meant to turn back to His right-rulings; commands, laws, Turah/תורה. Yahuah promises that this nation of 12 tribes will return, even in these last days, to the land their fathers were exiled from. That land, would be the same land the Ashkenazi gentile are presently occupying. The land known today as Israel. When they do, they will be keeping the very laws their fathers refused to guard before their exile. They will be guarding the laws the gods of their enemies taught them to discard. Not only that, they will never be exiled again. Ever.

Dabary ha yamym Byth/2Chr 33:8 and no more shall I remove the foot of Yasharal from the soil which I have appointed for your fathers – only if they guard to do all that I have commanded them, according to all the Turah and the laws and the right-rulings by the hand of Mashah.”

Yachazaqal/Ezek 37:16-25 “And you, son of man, take a stick for yourself and write on it, ‘For Yahudah and for the children of Yasharal, his companions.’ Then take another stick and write on it, ‘For Yusaph, the stick of Aphrym, and for all the house of Yasharal, his companions.’ “Then bring them together for yourself into one stick, and they shall become one in your hand. “And when the children of your people speak to you, saying, ‘Won’t you show us what you mean by these?’  say to them, ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “See, I am taking the stick of Yusaph, which is in the hand of Aphrym, and the tribes of Yasharal, his companions. And I shall give them unto him, with the stick of Yahudah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in My hand.” ’ “And the sticks on which you write shall be in your hand before their eyes. “And speak to them, ‘Thus said the Master יהוה, “See, I am taking the children of Yasharal from among the gentiles, wherever they have gone, and shall gather them from all around, and I shall bring them into their land. “And I shall make them one nation in the land, on the mountains of Yasharal. And one sovereign shall be sovereign over them all, and let them no longer be two nations, and let them no longer be divided into two reigns. “And they shall no longer defile themselves with their idols, nor with their disgusting matters, nor with any of their transgressions. And I shall save them from all their dwelling places in which they have sinned, and I shall cleanse them. And they shall be My people, and I be their Alahym, while Duyd/David My servant is sovereign over them. And they shall all have one shepherd and walk in My right-rulings and guard My laws, and shall do them. And they shall dwell in the land that I have given to Y ͑aqob My servant, where your fathers dwelt. And they shall dwell in it, they and their children and their children’s children, forever, and My servant Duyd be their prince forever. (Dan 2:44)

Notice it says, and walk in My right-rulings and guard My laws, and shall do them…” This foretelling is so familiar. I have seen this statement before several times. This is the same command that Yahuah gives them when they were in the wilderness, before they entered the land of promise. I want to look at how many times Yahuah commands them to do exactly what was foretold they would do when they return to Yahuah after their exile.

U yaqra/Lev 18:4 ‘Do My right-rulings and guard My laws, to walk in them. I am יהוה your Alahym.

U yaqra/Lev 18:5 ‘And you shall guard My laws and My right-rulings, which a man does and lives by them. I am יהוה

U yaqra/Lev 18:26 ‘But you, you shall guard My laws and My right-rulings, and not do any of these abominations, the native nor stranger who sojourns among you…՚

U yaqra/Lev 19:37 ‘And you shall guard all My laws and all My right-rulings, and do them. I am יהוה.’ ”

U yaqra/Lev 20:22 ‘And you shall guard all My laws and all My right-rulings, and do them, so that the land where I am bringing you to dwell does not vomit you out.՚

U yaqra/Lev 25:18 ‘And you shall do My laws and guard My right-rulings, and shall do them. And you shall dwell in the land in safety…՚

Dabarym/Deut 7:11 “And you shall guard the command, and the laws, and the right-rulings which I command you today, to do them…”

Dabarym/Deut 11:1 “And you shall love יהוה your Alahym and guard His Charge: even His laws, and His right-rulings, and His commands, always…”

Dabarym/Deut 11:32 and shall guard to do all the laws and right-rulings which I am setting before you today.’

Dabarym/Deut 26:16 “Today יהוה your Alahym is commanding you to do these laws and right-rulings. And you shall guard and do them with all your heart and with all your being…”

Dabarym/Deut 26:17 “You have today caused יהוה to proclaim to be your Alahym, and to walk in His ways and guard His laws, and His commands, and His right-rulings, and to obey His voice…”

Dabarym/Deut 30:16 in that I am commanding you today to love יהוה your Alahym, to walk in His ways, and to guard His commands, and His laws, and His right-rulings. And you shall live and increase, and יהוה your Alahym shall favor you in the land which you go to possess…

There is no mistake. This command given to the 12 tribes in the wilderness, is the same command foretold they will obey when they have been gathered back into the land. Not only are the 12 Tribes returning, but there is hard evidence suggesting this nation will govern the Kingdom with the same Laws He commanded the 12 Tribes to cling to.

…And they shall be My people, and I be their Alahym, while Duyd/David My servant is sovereign over them. And they shall all have one shepherd and walk in My right-rulings and guard My laws, and shall do them. And they shall dwell in the land that I have given to Y ͑aqob My servant, where your fathers dwelt. And they shall dwell in it, they and their children and their children’s children, forever, and My servant Duyd be their prince forever. (Eze 37:23-24)

Until the kingdom of Yahuah is established again in the earth, the inhabitants thereof are forced to continue to endure the pressures of this life without a ruler who knows how to rule with perfect laws. Perfect laws are not sought out by those sitting in seats of authority today. Rather, they seek laws devised from the hearts of men. True Justice will only be seen by those who, by a once in a lifetime happenstance, meet one of the remnant of those imputing right-ruling found in the ancient paths; the Turah that came out of heaven and is now found in the heart of those doing it; those doers of the Word, known as the remnant of Yaqob. It is this remnant that will witness of The Turah and of Yahuah, Alahym of Abraham, Yatschaq and Yaqob. This brings us to the next point on the list.

  • The Turah of יהוה -perfect, bringing back the being
  • The witness of יהוהtrustworthy
  • The orders of יהוה -straight
  • The command of יהוה -clear
  • The fear of יהוה -clean
  • The right-rulings of יהוה -true

So, what is the witness or witnesses?


H5713 – עדה (plural)


H5715עדות testimony (singular)

Shamuth/Exod 31:18 And when He had ended speaking with him on Mount Sany, He gave Mashah two tablets of the Witness/H5715, tablets of stone, written with the finger of Alahym.

Shamuth/Exod 25:21 “And you shall put the lid of atonement on top of the ark, and put into the ark the Witness/H5715 which I give you.

Shamuth/Exod 38:21 These were the appointments of the Dwelling Place, the Dwelling Place of the Witness/H5715, which was appointed by the command of Mashah, for the service of the Luy, by the hand of Aythamar, son of Aharun the kahan.


When Yahuah told Mashah to place the Turah or Witness in the Ark of the Covenant, He then began to call the ark itself, “ark of the Witness.”

Shamuth/Exod 40:1-3 And יהוה spoke to Mashah, saying, “On the first day of the first month, you are to raise up the Dwelling Place of the Tent of Meeting, and shall put in it the Ark of the Witness/H5715, and screen the ark with the veil.

Dabarym/Deut 4:44-45 “And this is the Turah which Mashah set before the children of Yasharal. These are the Witnesses/H5713, and the laws, and the right-rulings which Mashah spoke to the children of Yasharal after they came out of Egypt…”

Dabarym/Deut 6:17 “Diligently guard the commands of יהוה your Alahym, and His Witnesses/H5713, and His laws which He has commanded you…”

Tahalym/Ps 78:5 For He raised a Witness/H5715 in Yaqob, and set a Turah in Yasharal, which He commanded our fathers, to teach them to their children…”

Tahalym/Ps 93:5 Your Witnesses/H5713 have been very trustworthy. Set-apartness befits Your house, O יהוה, forever.

Tahalym/Ps 78:56 Yet they tried and rebelled against the Most High Alahym, and did not guard His Witnesses/H5713…”

NachamYah/Neh 9:34 “And our sovereigns, our rulers, our kahan, and our fathers, have not done Your Turah, nor heeded Your commands and Your Witness/H5715, with which You Witnessed/H5749 against them…”

The Ten Commandments written by Yahuah Himself on two tablets of stone is the witness King Duyd wrote about, as well as the book of right rulings Yahuah told Mashah/Moses to write. Duyd first writes the Turah is perfect; able to bring back the being after the heart has strayed from the Turah. Then, using the term Yahuah used for the Turah, in Exod 25:16, he writes that the witness of Yahuah is trustworthy; worthy of our trust or faith. It would cause one to assume that leaning on the commands within this Book of the Turah, would not bring the guy leaning on it to shame. It is a trustworthy witness for Yahuah against the being who rejects it, and a trustworthy witness for the being who guards it. What is written on these two tablets of stone is a witness against the 12 tribes who entered into a covenant of promises and curses.

YashaYahu/Isa 8:20 To the Turah and to the witness! If they do not speak according to this Word, it is because they have no light in them. (H7837-שחר dawn, light)

Dabarym/Deut 11:26-28 ‘See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse: the blessing, when you obey the commands of יהוה your Alahym which I command you today; and the curse, if you do not obey the commands of יהוה your Alahym, but turn aside from the way which I command you today, to go after other mighty ones which you have not known.


These 12 tribes are also called Witnesses, because they witnessed the giving of the Law, and many mighty wonders that came from the hand of the Mighty One who gave the Law to Mashah/Moses. They also witnessed this nation entering into the land that was promised, as well as, witnessing Yahuah fight against their enemies. They witnessed the fulfillment of the promises and the curses. This people were a witness against themselves because they agreed to serve Yahuah in exchange for all those extraordinary promises. Josh 24:22 states:

Yahusha/Josh 24:22 Then Yahusha said to the people, “You are witnesses against yourselves that you have chosen יהוה for yourselves, to serve Him.” And they said, “Witnesses!”

YashaYahu/Isa 43:9-11 All the nations shall be assembled, and the peoples be gathered. Who among them declares this, and show us former events? Let them give their witnesses, to be declared right; or let them hear and say, “It is truth.” “You, (Yasharal) are My witnesses,” declares יהוה, “And My servant whom I have chosen, so that you know and believe Me, and understand that I am He. Before Me there was no mighty one formed, nor after Me there is none. “I, I am יהוה, and besides Me there is no savior.


When Mashah had finished writing the Book of the Turah which included all the right-rulings, he placed it beside the Ark of the Covenant also known as the “Ark of the Witness”. So now, The Ten Commandments written by Yahuah, on two tablets of stone, are inside the Ark, and the Book of the Turah, written by Mashah, is beside the Ark. Both are witnesses.

Dabarym/Deut 31:26 “Take this Book of the Turah, and you shall place it beside the ark of the covenant of יהוה your Alahym, and it shall be there as a witness against you,


Yahuah Himself is also a witness against those who live without the laws and right-rulings written down by Mashah in the Book of the Turah.

Malaky/Mal 3:5-6 And I shall draw near to you for right-ruling. And I shall be a swift witness against the practices of witchcraft, and against adulterers, and against them that swear to falsehood, and against those who oppress the wage earner in his wages and widows and the fatherless, and those who turn away a sojourner and do not fear Me,” said יהוה of hosts. “For I am יהוה, I shall not change, and you, O sons of Yʿaqob, shall not come to an end.


Deut 31:16-21, reveals that Yahuah used a song as a witness against the 12 tribes. Look at verse 19 and 21 below:

19“And now, write down this song for yourselves, and teach it to the children of Yasharʿal. You shall put it in their mouths, so that this song is to Me for a witness against the children of Yasharʿal.

21“And it shall be, when many evils and distresses come upon them, that this song shall answer before them as a witness…”


Nabya/prophets were also witnesses against the 12 tribes:

2Chr 24:18-21 and they forsook the House of יהוה Alahym of their fathers, and served the Asherah and the idols. And wrath came upon Yahudah and Yarushalam because of their trespass. And He sent Nabya/prophets to them, to bring them back to יהוה. And they witnessed against them, but they did not listen. Then the Ruach of Alahym came upon ZakarYah son of Yahuyada the Kahan/priest, who stood above the people, and said to them, “Thus said Alahym, ‘Why are you transgressing the commands of יהוה, and do not prosper? Because you have forsaken יהוה, He has forsaken you.And they conspired against him, and at the command of the sovereign they stoned him with stones in the courtyard of the House of יהוה.


Heaven and earth are also witnesses against the 12 Tribes in the event they work against the commands and right-rulings to abandon them and go their own way.

Dabarym/Deut 4:26 “I shall call the heavens and earth to witness against you on that day, that you soon completely perish from the land which you pass over the Yardan/Jordan to possess – you do not prolong your days in it but are completely destroyed.


Remember what King Duyd/David said what truth was?

Tahalym/Ps 119:30 I have chosen the way of truth; your right-rulings I have held level.

Tahalym/Ps 119:142 Your righteousness is righteousness forever, and Your Turah is truth.

Tahalym/Ps 119:151 You are near, יהוה, and all Your commands are truth.


Where else is this written?

Malaky/Mal 2:6 “The Turah of truth was in his mouth, and unrighteousness was not found on his lips. He walked with Me in peace and straightness, and turned many away from crookedness.

Tahalym/Ps 119:160 The sum of Your word is truth, and all Your righteous right-rulings are forever.


King Duyd lets the reader know that regardless of the many witnesses there are, those observing those witnesses will not transgress against Yahuah՚s ways.

Tahalym/Ps 119:2, 3 favored are those who observe His witnesses; who seek Him with all the heart! Yes, they shall do no unrighteousness. They shall walk in His Ways. (Zeph 3:11-13)


King Duyd knows how to live without being put to shame.

Tahalym/Ps 119:4-6 You have commanded us to guard Your orders diligently. Oh, that my ways were established to guard Your laws! Then I would not be ashamed, when I look into all Your commands.

Tahalym/Ps 22:4-5 Our fathers trusted in You; they trusted, and You delivered them. They cried to You, and were delivered; they trusted in You, and were not ashamed.

Tahalym/Ps 119:43-48 And do not take away from my mouth the word of truth entirely. For I have waited for Your right-rulings; that I might guard Your Turah continually, forever and ever; that I might walk in a broad place. For I have sought Your orders, that I might speak of Your witnesses before sovereigns, and not be ashamed. That I might delight myself in Your commands, which I have loved. That I might lift up my hands to Your commands, which I have loved, while I meditate on Your laws.

Tahalym/Ps 119:80 Let my heart be perfect in Your laws, so that I am not put to shame.

YashaYahu/Isa 49:23 And sovereigns shall be your foster fathers, and their sovereigness your nursing mothers. They bow down to you with their faces to the earth, and lick up the dust of your feet. And you shall know that I am יהוה – those who wait for Me shall not be ashamed.”


What is the Word?

Exod 20:22 And יהוה said to Mashah, “Say this to the children of Yasharal: ‘You yourselves have seen that I have spoken to you from the heavens.

Deut 4:12 “And יהוה spoke to you out of the midst of the fire. You heard a voice of Words, but saw no form, you only heard a voice.

Deut 4:36 “From the heavens He let you hear His voice, to instruct you, and on earth He showed you His great fire, and you heard His Words out of the midst of the fire.

Deut 4:32 “For ask now of the days that are past, which were before you, since the day that Alahym created man on the earth, and ask from one end of the heavens to the other end of the heavens, whether there has been a Word as great as this, or has been heard like it.

Exod 24:3 And Mashah came and related to the people all the Words of יהוה and all the right-rulings. And all the people answered with one voice and said, “All the Words which יהוה has spoken we shall do.”

Ps 33:4 For the Word of יהוה is straight, and all His works are in truth…”

Isa 5:24 Therefore, as a tongue of fire devours the stubble, and the flame consumes the chaff, their root is as rottenness, and their blossom goes up like dust – because they have rejected the Turah of יהוה of hosts, and despised The Word of the Set-apart One of Yasharal.

Isa 2:3 And many peoples shall come and say, “Come, and let us go up to the mountain of יהוה, to the House of the Alahym of Yaqob, and let Him teach us His ways, and let us walk in His paths, for out of Tsyun comes forth The Turah, and the Word of יהוה from Yarushalam.”

Ps 119:105-106 Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. I have sworn, and I confirm, to guard Your righteous right-rulings.


This Word instructed an entire nation in righteousness and right-rulings. The Word has always been instructions or Law from Yahuah.


We are forgiven if we just return back to Him and His Ways.

Tahalym/Ps 32:1-2 favored is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Favored is the man to whom יהוה imputes no crookedness, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.

Tahalym/Ps 32:5 I acknowledged my sin to You, and my crookedness I did not hide. I have said, “I confess my transgressions to יהוה,” and You forgave the crookedness of my sin. (Mic 7:18)

A Witness for the Simple

Duyd writes that this witness of the covenant makes the “simple” wise. “…The witness of יהוה is trustworthy, making wise the simple…” Simple is translated from the H6612, referencing the word, פתי meaning, naiveté, foolish or weakness of intellect, silly, unwise. Mashly gives these entries about the simple or naive:

Mashly/Prov 14:15 The simple believes every word, but the clever one watches his step.

Mashly/Prov 1:4 For giving insight to the simple, knowledge and discretion to the young.”

Mashly/Prov 22:3 A man with insight avoids evil, and hides himself. But the simple pass on, and are punished.

Mashly/Prov 21:11 When the scorner is punished, the simple is made wise. When the wise are instructed, he receives knowledge.


The writer of Mashly gives more detail on the mind of the simple. Chapter 22, verse 3 tells how the simple can avoid evil. Yet insight must still be attained through knowledge of Turah. This is how the simple are made wise. If the simple are made wise, then Turah, or the witness, would give stability, firmness or an anchor to decision making when learning the truth against falsehood. It would also give light to his steps. Here, King Duyd tells how the opening up of Yahuah՚s words or commands gives light and understanding to the simple minded:

Tahalym/Ps 119:129-31 Your witnesses are wonders; so my being observes them. The opening up of Your words gives light, giving understanding to the simple. I have opened my mouth and panted, for I have longed for Your commands.

This would then give hope to those who find themselves in the midst of lousy counselors or friends with bad advice. However, those simple ones who habitually turn away from the sound advice of the command, will only find destruction.

Mashly/Prov 1:29-33 Because they hated knowledge and did not choose the fear of יהוה, they did not accept my counsel, they despised all my reproof. Therefore let them eat the fruit of their own way, and be filled with their own counsels. For the turning away of the simple slays them, and the complacency of fools destroys them. But whoever listens to me dwells safely, and is at ease from the dread of evil.”

Mashly/Prov 28:9 ​​​​​​​The one who turns away his ear from hearing the law, ​​​​​​even his prayer is an abomination.


The witnesses, or as the King James Version translates, testimonies, are clearly the Ten Commandments that sat inside the Ark and the Book of The Turah that sat beside the Ark. The Book of The Turah also contains the Ten Commandments. Yet evidence shows so many more witnesses for what is written in the Turah. Is it possible that the King may have included these other witnesses when referring to the Ten Commandments? Remember, King Duyd called the witnesses “trustworthy”; certain, to believe in. A trustworthy witness is the only kind of witness worthy of testifying for the purposes of finding truth. It suggests that the Word or Law spoken is without fault; able to withstand scrutiny under the greatest pressures imaginable. Yet, these Ten Commands and the book of right-rulings, or witnesses, were not the only Words the King found worthy of writing about. Which leads to the next point on the list.

  • The Turah of יהוה –perfect, bringing back the being
  • The witness of יהוה –trustworthy, making wise the simple
  • The orders of יהוה straight
  • The command of יהוה –clear
  • The fear of יהוה –clean
  • The right-rulings of יהוה –true

How can an order be straight? What does that mean, and how does that benefit me to know it?


H6490 – פקד

precept, statute

The King James Version of the scriptures translates this Hebrew word, פקד as statute, precept, and commandments. The Ts98 translation of the scriptures, uses the word orders rather than “precepts” or “statutes”. The H6490 occurs 24 times and is only recorded in the book of the Psalms. 21 of these occurrences are found exclusively in Psalm 119. The Book of the Turah however, uses the word חק from the H2706. The King James translates this word as “statute” only. Other translations or versions of the scriptures include the word “laws” when translating the H2706.

I now have a list of interchangeable terms to choose from when referencing these two Hebrew words: פקד and חק. Interchangeable terms are as follows: precepts, orders, statutes, commandments and laws.

King Duyd called the orders of Yahuah straight. So what. What good is that to me to know this?



H3477 – ישר

straight, upright, correct, right, pleasing, straightforward, just, fitting, proper, righteous

These terms, upright, straight, right, pleasing, just and so on, are interchangeable terms. To choose what is straight or righteous would mean, that any other alternative would be foolish or destructive causing irreparable injury. On the other hand, to remain on a straight course of righteousness, would then save from this undesirable end.

Tahalym/Ps 7:10 My shield is upon Alahym, who saves the upright in heart.

Dabarym/Deut 13:18 when you obey the voice of יהוה your Alahym, to guard all His commands which I command you today, to do what is right in the eyes of יהוה your Alahym.

Dabarym/Deut 32:4 “The Rock! His work is perfect, For all His ways are right-ruling. A Mighty One of truth and without unrighteousness. Righteous and straight is He.

Tahalym/Ps 25:8 Good and straight is יהוה. Therefore, He teaches sinners in the way.

Tahalym/Ps 33:4 “For the Word of יהוה is straight, and all His works are in truth…”

Tahalym/Ps 37:37-38 Watch the perfect, and observe the straight. For the latter end of each is peace. But the transgressors shall be destroyed together; the latter end of the wrong shall be cut off.


The benefits in knowing the straightness of Yahuah՚s orders or commands, are immeasurable. When giving ourselves over to what He says is right in His eyes, as opposed to what is right in our eyes, we escape destruction, His wrath, snares of evil and taking the wrong course for our life. Since the command came from His mouth, we can call the command His Word, or instruction. If you believe what He says, you can trust in what He says. His Word saves us if we obey. This then, only brings the inevitable: a glad heart.

  • The Turah of יהוה –perfect, bringing back the being
  • The witness of יהוה –trustworthy, making wise the simple
  • The orders of יהוה –straight, rejoicing the heart
  • The command of יהוה clear
  • The fear of יהוה –clean
  • The right-rulings of יהוה –true

Exactly what does he mean by “clear?”


H1249 – בר

pure, clear, sincere, empty

This word  בר is related to the H1305: ברר which means to purify, select, polish, choose, purge out, cleanse or make bright, test or prove, make shining. In other words, you cannot get any better than the command of Yahuah. It is pure and all error has been purged from it. This is why the command has the ability to enlighten the eye of the mind. When submitting to the command, the error within our being would be corrected from the natural ability or course of the command. That command continues to purge out and cleanse our being, our thought processes; decision making mechanism or behavior, if you continue in it. This guards us from an error that would lead to destruction. If in fact, you believe the command is clear or pure; without error, then you believe the Word of Yahuah is true, even if you have failed the command. This is when forgiveness and repentance enters into the equation. A repentant heart or clear, pure heart, will rush back to the command, get back up and continue in it. Yahuah covers your error because you have turned back and entered into rightness before Him. To deliberately continue in sin or transgress the command, is to live in darkness or lawlessness. His Ruach does not live in you if this is the case. When His Ruach is in you, you cannot (continue) transgress the command. You now have dominion over the sin that used to rule you.

Mashly/Prov 19:16 He who guards the command guards his life. He who despises His Ways (the ways of Yahuah) dies.

Tahalym/Ps 24:3-6 Who would go up into the mountain of יהוה? And who stands in His set-apart place? The one who has innocent hands and a pure heart. The one who did not bring his life to falsehood, and did not swear deceivingly. He receives favor from יהוה, and righteousness from the Alahym of his deliverance. This is the generation of those who seek Him: Yaqob, who seek Your face.


Asaph, in Psalm 73, gives us insight to his experience when observing those who do not seek the commands of Yahuah, nor consider His ways.


Tahalym/Ps 73:1-28 ​​​​​​​

A psalm by Asaph. ​​​​​​

Certainly Alahym is good to Yasharal, ​​​​​​and to those whose heart is pure! ​​​​​​​But as for me, my feet almost slipped; ​​​​​​my feet almost slid out from under me. ​​​​​​​For I envied those who are proud, ​​​​​​as I observed the prosperity of the wicked. ​​​​​​​For they suffer no pain. ​​​​​​Their bodies are strong and well-fed. ​​​​They are immune to the trouble common to men; ​​​​​​they do not suffer as other men do. ​​​​​​​Arrogance is their necklace, ​​​​​​and violence their clothing. ​​​​​​​Their prosperity causes them to do wrong. ​​​​​​Their thoughts are sinful. ​​​​​​​They mock and say evil things. ​​​​​​They proudly threaten violence. ​​​​​​​They speak as if they rule in heaven, ​​​​​​and lay claim to the earth. ​​​​​​​Therefore they have more than enough food to eat, ​​​​​​and even suck up the water of the sea. ​​​​​​​They say, “How does Alahym know what we do? ​​​​​​Is the sovereign one aware of what goes on?” ​​​​​​​Take a good look! This is what the wicked are like, ​​​​​​those who always have it so easy and get richer and richer. ​​​​​​​I thought to myself, “Surely in vain I have kept my motives pure ​​​​​​and maintained a pure lifestyle. ​​​​​​​I suffer all day long, ​​​​​​and am punished every morning.” ​​​​​​​If I had publicized these thoughts, ​​​​​​I would have betrayed Your loyal followers. ​​​​​​​When I tried to make sense of this, ​​​​​​it was troubling to me. ​​​​​​​Then I entered the Set-Apart Place of Yahuah, ​​​​​​and understood the destiny of the wicked. ​​​​​​​Surely You put them in slippery places. ​​​​​​You bring them down to ruin. ​​​​​​​How desolate they become in a mere moment! ​​​​​​Terrifying judgments make their demise complete! ​​​​​​​They are like a dream after one wakes up. ​​​​​​O Yahuah, when You arise You will despise them. ​​​​​​​Yes, my spirit was bitter, ​​​​​​and my insides felt sharp pain. ​​​​​​​I was ignorant and lacked insight. ​​​​​​I was as senseless as an animal before You. ​​​​​​​But I am continually with You. ​​​​​​You hold my right hand. ​​​​​​​You guide me by Your wise advice, ​​​​​​and then You will lead me to a position of honor. ​​​​​​​Whom do I have in heaven but You? ​​​​​​I desire no one but You on earth. ​​​​​​​My flesh and my heart may grow weak, ​​​​​​but Alahym always protects my heart and gives me stability. ​​​​​​​Yes, look! Those far from You die. ​​​​​​You destroy everyone who is unfaithful to You. ​​​​​​​But as for me, Yahuah՚s presence is all I need. ​​​​​​I have made the Sovereign Yahuah, my shelter, ​​​​​​as I declare all the things You have done.


The testimony of Asaph indicates wisdom and safety when holding on to the command. Leaving Yahuah and His Ways would most certainly be destructive regardless of how tempting it seems while viewing the prosperity of the wicked. According to Asaph, it’s just not worth it! It is best to take caution, and fear Yahuah. Our eyes are opened to the obvious. Which is seeing the end of those who do not guard the command. This Turah sight has a clarity that living in darkness cannot provide. However, many claim to have much insight, wisdom and a good heart without knowledge of Turah and live by their own right-rulings.

So, can one accurately claim to have a pure heart and refuse the Turah?

  • The Turah of יהוה –perfect, bringing back the being
  • The witness of יהוה –trustworthy, making wise the simple
  • The orders of יהוה –straight, rejoicing the heart
  • The command of יהוה –clear, enlightening the eyes
  • The fear of יהוה clean
  • The right-rulings of יהוה –true

What is it to fear Yahuah? How can fear be clean?


H2889 – טהור

pure, clean, (ceremonially — of animals), pure (physically), pure, clean (morally, ethically)

Learning to fear Yahuah is learning to have a clean heart; one that is set apart. This word, טהור is the same word used for knowing the difference between the clean and the unclean.

U yaqra/Lev 11:47 to make a distinction between the unclean and the clean/טהור, and between the living creature that is eaten and the living creature that is not eaten.’ ”


King Duyd understood the relationship of a clean heart and loving the commands by fearing Him.

Tahalym/Ps 51:10 Create in me a clean/טהור heart, Alahym, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.


He understood how desperate the heart of man needs to be; thirsting and hungering for every word of Yahuah. He knew that he could not live by bread alone, but by every Word that comes from Yahuah (Deut 8:3).

Tahalym/Ps 12:6 The Words of יהוה are clean/טהור Words, silver tried in a furnace of earth, refined seven times.


He was desperate after a clean heart, and knew where this clean heart would come from! 

Ps 119:9-13How would a young man cleanse his path, to guard it according to Your word? I have sought You with all my heart. Let me not stray from Your commands! I have treasured up Your word in my heart, that I might not sin against You. Favored are You, יהוה! Teach me Your laws. With my lips I have recounted all the right-rulings of Your mouth…”


 He learned from the Ruach/spirit of Yahuah, that the heart must be circumcised to love His commands and fear Him. Otherwise, he would be full of hypocrisy. If the fear of Yahuah is a clean commandment, a command that sets the heart apart, we then need to know what it is to fear Yahuah.


The Fear of Yahuah

The fear of Yahuah is where wisdom begins, and is the origin of where the knowledge of Yahuah can be found. The fear of Yahuah is the behavior that dictates one who turns from evil. The one who turns from evil, has understanding. The fear of Yahuah is the reward of one who walks in humility. The fear of Yahuah is the result of believing what one has read and understood in any one of Yahuah՚s commands and therefore, becomes the catalyst for obeying the command. The fear of Yahuah strengthens ones trust in any one of the commands that came from the mouth of Yahuah. Consequently, strong trust becomes a refuge in times of trouble. You cannot trust Yahuah if you do not fear Him.

Mashly/Prov 14:2 He who walks in his straightness fears יהוה, but he whose ways are crooked despises (H959: holds Him in contempt; sees Him as vile; worthless) Him.


There are 4 things you must do in order to get this fear of Yahuah. This is crucial.

  • Accept, hear, obey all of Yahuah՚s Words- Lev 18:4-5, 20:8, 22:31, Deut 4:1, 6:1, 6:24, 8:1, Ps 105:45
  • Treasure (store, collect) those commands or words up in your heart, so that your ear is alert to the instruction of the command, and your heart is humbled to obey what the command is telling you to depart from (this references circumcision of the heart – Deut 10:16)
  • Use your voice to cry out to Yahuah for wisdom, discernment and understanding that is hidden within the command – Ps 34:16-19, 145:18, Ex 14:10, Judg 4:3, Joel 2:13, Prov 15:29, Isa 66:2
  • Seek for this wisdom and understanding of the command as if you were chasing silver or hidden treasure. Be tenacious about it. Then, and only then, will you understand the fear of Yahuah and find the knowledge of Alahym-Prov 3:13-17, 8:17


Do those 4 steps sound familiar? I pulled them from this passage:

Mashly/Prov 2:1-6 My son, if you accept my words, And treasure up my commands with you, So that you make your ear attend to wisdom, Incline your heart to understanding; for if you cry for discernment, lift up your voice for understanding, if you seek her as silver, and search for her as hidden treasures, then you would understand the fear of יהוה, and find the knowledge of Alahym. 6For יהוה gives wisdom. Out of His mouth come knowledge and understanding.


Verse 6 says, For יהוה gives wisdom. Out of His mouth come knowledge and understanding.” This tells us that a treasure trove of knowledge and understanding is buried within these commands that came out of the mouth of Yahuah on that mountain in the wilderness! Like, total herkin WOW!

Dabarym/Deut 4:10 “The day when you stood before יהוה your Alahym in Ḥarab, יהוה said to me, ‘Assemble the people to Me and I make them hear My Words, so that they learn to fear Me all the days they live on the earth and teach them to their children.’


He just said, “…I make them hear My Words, so that they learn to fear Me…” What words did they hear so they would learn to fear Him? The remaining portion of this message tells us.

Dabarym/Deut 4:11-14 “And you came near and stood at the foot of the mountain, and the mountain burned with fire to the heart of the heavens – darkness, cloud, and thick darkness. And יהוה spoke to you out of the midst of the fire. You heard a voice of words, but saw no form, you only heard a voice. And He made known to you His covenant which He commanded you to do, the Ten Words, and He wrote them on two tablets of stone. And יהוה commanded me at that time to teach you laws and right-rulings, for you to do them in the land which you pass over to possess.



H3372 – ירא

revere, be afraid, to fear, to stand in awe of, honor, respect, be dreadful, be feared, terrify

So, when He said, “…I make them hear My Words, so that they learn to fear Me…” He was referring to the Ten Commandments and the laws and right-rulings Mashah was instructed to teach his people, written down in that book that he was told to put beside the Ark. This is what Yahuah meant when He said, My Words. Now that we know this, we can better understand how to learn to fear Him. Acknowledging those words, or accepting those words He gave to Mashah by searching them out in the Turah, is how we begin to learn. Doing those Words by incorporating them in our daily routines and our behavior is the act of fearing punishment, and departing from evil.

Job 28:28 And He said to man, ‘See, the fear of יהוה, that is wisdom, and to turn from evil is understanding.’

Ps 111:7-11 The works of His hands are truth and right-ruling. All His orders are trustworthy. They are upheld forever and ever, performed in truth and straightness. He sent redemption to His people. He has commanded His covenant forever. Set-apart and awesome is His Name. The fear of יהוה is the beginning of wisdom. All those doing them (His orders) have a good understanding. His praise is standing forever.

Deut 4:6 “And you shall guard and do them, for this is your wisdom and your understanding before the eyes of the peoples who hear all these laws, and they shall say, ‘Only a wise and understanding people is this great nation!’


If we know now where understanding comes from, we can see or know why many choose to continue in evil. Without fear, there is nothing to anchor the heart to wisdom. This condition has infected the entire population of the earth.

Eccl 8:11 Because punishment for an evil does not come quickly, the minds of the sons of men continue to do evil.

Exod 8:15 But when Pharaoh felt relief from the torment of the plague, he hardened his heart and did not give ear to them, as Yahuah had said.

Isa 26:10 ​​​​​​​If the wicked are shown mercy, ​​​​​​they do not learn about justice. ​​​​​​Even in a land where right is rewarded, they act unjustly; ​​​​​​they do not see Yahuah՚s majesty revealed.


It is so easy to identify with the passages above isn’t it? The gentile mind continues to do what he knows is wrong because there is no punishment for it. Since there is no punishment, the mind begins to believe that his wicked acts must be acceptable to his creator. Good, or prosperity, seems to come from his behavior. Now, his own heart is teaching him. What his creator calls good, he calls evil. What his creator calls evil, he calls good and acceptable. He has no clear or clean foundation of what good and evil is. He has now learned to identify good from evil gauged from a lack of punishment, while hanging out with his peers who encourage him. This is why many choose to continue in sexual sins, thefts, murders and idolatry. The false fear of their creator they are learning from one another, will now lead them, ultimately to destruction. This is what the 12 tribes learned to do.

YashaYahu/Isa 29:13 And יהוה says, “Because this people has drawn near with its mouth, praising me with its lips, but has kept its heart far from Me, their fear of Me has become a command of men that is taught!

YaramYahu/Jer 2:19 “Your own evil instructs you, and your backslidings reprove you. Know therefore and see that it is evil and bitter that you have forsaken יהוה your Alahym, and that My fear is not in you,” declares the Master יהוה of hosts.


Yahuah՚s fear is something different from what men can teach us. Fear of Yahuah only comes when we fear punishment after we have understood the command that came from Yahuah. It is this fear that fuels our decision to keep the command and guard it to the death. This fear becomes the dominate factor over the fear of what man can do to us when obeying the command. We must make the decision to either choose man’s instruction or Yahuah՚s instruction; to fear man’s punishment or to fear Yahuah՚s coming wrath. We must be convinced in our own minds that either man creates the law of the land, or Yahuah does.

YashaYahu/Isa 33:22 for יהוה is our Judge, יהוה is our Lawgiver, יהוה is our Sovereign, He saves us –

Tahalym/Ps 1:1-6 Favored is the man who shall not walk in the counsel of the wrong; does not stand in the path of sinners, and does not sit in the seat of scoffers. But his delight is in the Turah of יהוה, and meditates in His Turah day and night. For he shall be as a tree planted by the rivers of water, that yields its fruit in its season―whose leaf does not wither. Whatever he does prospers. The wrong are not so. They are like the chaff which the wind blows away. Therefore, the wrong shall not rise in the judgment, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous. For יהוה knows the way of the righteous, but the way of the wrong comes to nothing.

YashaYahu/Isa 8:13 יהוה of hosts, Him you shall set apart. Let Him be your fear, and let Him be your dread.


There is also healing in the treasure, or core of these commands when Fearing Yahuah.

Prov 3:5-8 Trust in יהוה with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. Know Him in all your ways, and He makes all your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes. Fear יהוה and turn away from evil.  It is healing to your navel, and moistening to your bones.

Eccl 12:13 Let us hear the conclusion of the entire matter: Fear Alahym and guard His commands, for this applies to all mankind!

YashaYahu/Isa 50:10 Who among you is fearing יהוה, obeying the voice of His Servant. Who among you has walked in darkness and has no light? Let him trust in the Name of יהוה and lean upon his Alahym!

Mashly/Prov 13:13 He who despises the Word is destroyed, but he who fears the command is rewarded.

Husha/Hos 3:5 Afterward, the children of Yasharal shall return, and seek יהוה their Alahym, and Duyd their sovereign, and fear יהוה and His goodness, in the latter days…  

Mashly/Prov 9:10 The fear of יהוה is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Set-apart One is understanding.

Dabarym/Deut 5:29 ‘Oh, that they had such a heart in them, to fear Me and to guard all My commands always, so that it might be well with them and with their children forever!

Dabarym/Deut 6:1-2 “And this is the command, the laws and right-rulings which יהוה your Alahym has commanded, to teach you to do in the land which you are passing over to possess, so that you fear יהוה your Alahym, to guard all His laws and His commands which I command you, you and your son and your grandson, all the days of your life, and that your days be prolonged.

Mashly/Prov 8:13 The fear of יהוה is to hate evil. I have hated pride and arrogance, and the evil way, and the perverse mouth.

Tahalym/Ps 111:6-10 He has shown His people the power of His works; to give to them the inheritance of the gentiles. The works of His hands are truth and right-ruling. All His commands are trustworthy. They are upheld forever and ever. Performed in truth and straightness. He sent redemption to His people. He has commanded His covenant forever. Set-apart and awesome is His Name. The fear of יהוה is the beginning of wisdom. All those doing them (His commands) have a good understanding. His praise is standing forever.


The fear of Yahuah is the fuel we need to guard His commands. Having this fear is what brings forth the fruit that he desires in us. Since we know His kingdom will stand forever, this fear for Yahuah and His commands will stand as well. Learn to serve Him in trembling, or the day will come when you will tremble under the outpouring of His wrath. One way or another, all the inhabitants of the earth will fear Him.  

Tahalym/Ps 76:7-9 You, You are to be feared. Who would stand in Your presence when You are displeased? From heaven You shall cause judgment to be heard. The earth shall fear, and shall be still, then Alahym arises to right-rulingto save all the meek of the earth.  

So, what is right-ruling anyway?

  • The Turah of יהוה –perfect, bringing back the being
  • The witness of יהוה –trustworthy, making wise the simple
  • The orders of יהוה –straight, rejoicing the heart
  • The command of יהוה –clear, enlightening the eyes
  • The fear of יהוה –clean, standing forever
  • The right-rulings of יהוה true

What is a right-ruling?


H4941 – משפט

judgment, justice, ordinance, act of deciding a case, place, court, seat of judgment, process, procedure, litigation (before judges) case, cause (presented for judgment), sentence, decision (of judgment), execution (of judgment), time (of judgment) justice, right, rectitude (attributes of Alahym or man), ordinance, decision (in law), right, privilege, due (legal), proper, fitting, measure, fitness, custom, manner, plan

Right-ruling is Heavens justice system for deciding controversy, disputes, and determining punishment or retribution in all matters for those inside and outside the boundaries of the Laws given to Mashah/Moses. These laws or right-rulings are designed by Yahuah to settle the matter in all cases of accidents, negligence and deliberate acts surrounding a death, cruelty, false teachings and rejecting of Turah, by serving a different mighty one with different Laws or instructions.

Righteousness and right-ruling are interchangeable terms here. Right-ruling brings back the man to righteousness, just as the Turah brings back the being to what is perfect.

Tahalym/Ps 94:15 For right-ruling returns man to righteousness, and all the upright in heart follow it.

Tahalym/Ps 106:3 Favored are those who guard right-ruling; who do righteousness at all times!


Yahuah instructed Mashah to teach a song to the 12 Tribes as a witness against them. Within this song, he claims that all His ways are right-ruling. Which would mean, all the Words of His mouth, and the commands, because they were spoken by Him, and all the works of His Hands, are considered right-ruling or righteousness.

Dabarym/Deut 32:4 “The Rock! His work is perfect, for all His ways are right-ruling, An Al/Mighty One of truth and without unrighteousness, Righteous and straight is He…”



H571 – אמת

firmness, faithfulness, truth (noun feminine), sureness, reliability, stability, continuance, as spoken, of testimony and judgment, of divine instruction, truth as a body of ethical or religious knowledge, true doctrine, in truth, truly

King Duyd was not the only one who knew of His commands or right-rulings of truth.

NachamYah/Neh 9:13 “And You came down on Mount Syny/Sinai, and spoke with them from the heavens, and gave them straight/ישר right-rulings and Turah of truth, good laws and commands.

Yachazaq ͑al/Ezek 18:9 if he walks in My laws, and he has guarded My right-rulings in truth – he is righteous, he shall certainly live!” declares the Master יהוה.

Danyal/Dan 9:13 “As it is written in the Turah of Mashah, all this evil has come upon us, and we have not entreated the face of יהוה our Alahym, to turn back from our crookedness, and to study Your truth.


It has been foretold by the Nabya/prophets that a Sovereign will instruct and do right-ruling in the earth when Yahuah sets up His kingdom.

YaramYahu/Jer 23:5 “See, the days are coming,” declares יהוה, when I shall raise for Duyd/David a Branch of righteousness, and a Sovereign shall reign and act wisely, and shall do right-ruling and righteousness in the earth. (Jer 46:28, Ezek 37:24, Zech 8:16, Mal 3:5)


This suggests that the Turah, will be restored in this earth. There is a foretelling that hints of this.

YashaYahu/Isa 42:1 “See, My Servant whom I uphold, My Chosen One My being has delighted in! I have put My Spirit upon Him; He brings forth right-ruling to the nations.


Remember, righteousness and right-ruling are interchangeable terms referring to the Turah of Truth, because all His ways are right-ruling.

YashaYahu/Isa 9:7 Of the increase of His rule and peace there is no end, upon the throne of Duyd/David and over His reign, to establish it and sustain it with right-ruling and with righteousness from now on, even forever. The ardour of יהוה of hosts does this.


  • The Turah of יהוה –perfect, bringing back the being
  • The witness of יהוה –trustworthy, making wise the simple
  • The orders of יהוה –straight, rejoicing the heart
  • The command of יהוה –clear, enlightening the eyes
  • The fear of יהוה –clean, standing forever
  • The right-rulings of יהוה –true, and righteous altogether


Now that I have gone over all the points the King was addressing in his message, I want to look at the entry from Duyd one more time.

Tahalym/Ps 19:7-11 The Turah of יהוה is perfect, bringing back the being. The witness of יהוה is trustworthy, making wise the simple. The orders of יהוה are straight, rejoicing the heart. The command of יהוה is clear, enlightening the eyes. The fear of יהוה is clean, standing forever. The right-rulings of יהוה are true, they are righteous altogether; more desirable than gold, than much fine gold. And sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. Also, Your servant is warned by them. In guarding them, there is great reward.


Duyd writes that these right-rulings or ways of Yahuah, are more desirable than the desire to have fine gold, and sweeter than honey. This would mean they surpass the satisfaction honey gives to a sweet tooth or security gold can offer to the being. Essentially, the message is this: There is nothing in the physical realm of earth that has the ability to fulfill the need of life that the human being is dying for. Food is never the answer to a broken heart, and gold or money is never the answer to a broken mind. Whether it pertains to the health of the body or the health of the mind, the riches of this world, or securities offered within this world cannot fix the broken relationship between man and his creator. Obedience is the only way back to our creator. He also writes that Yahuah՚s servant (Yasharal) is warned by them (the commands), and great reward awaits those who guard these right-rulings. This is a message that can be found all over the Turah, and the books of the Nabya/prophets.

Mashly/Prov 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people are let loose. But favored is he who guards the Turah.

Mashly/Prov 22:4 ​​​​​​​The reward for humility and fearing Yahuah ​​​​​​is riches and honor and life.

Mashly/Prov 21:21 ​​​​​​​The one who pursues righteousness and love ​​​​​​finds life, bounty, and honor.


Now that the passage in this Psalm can be seen for what it really is, how is it that anyone can consider any of the clean and unclean laws regarding the foods we eat passed away? Many who study the scriptures today believe that Yahuah no longer requires us to heed the dietary instructions found in The Turah. This law brings our being back to what is straight. King Duyd believed that and lived it. For those who are seeking what is trustworthy, straight, clear, clean, and true, this instruction is for you.


This Little Piggy Went To Market and Contaminated Everything!

Bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches, better known as BLT՚s, pulled pork sandwiches, ham and cheese sandwiches, pork spare ribs, pork tenderloin, pork chops, pork and beans, bacon and eggs, bacon bits, Canadian bacon pizza, pepperoni pizza, pork sausages, pork franks or hot dogs, salami sandwiches, pork skins or pork rinds, Christmas ham, chitlins, pickled pigs feet….I could do this all day…

He who fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him. Yahuah shows no partiality (Deut 1:17, 10:17, 16:19). Anyone from any tribe on earth can enter into this covenant and learn of His Ways. Turning from transgression and obeying the commands will get Yahuah՚s attention. An unrepentant heart is a defiant heart.

Mashly/Prov 28:9 He who turns away his ear from hearing the Turah, even his prayer is an abomination.


The Clean and Unclean


The beasts of the field: those beasts that chew the cud and have a split hoof are clean to you. Those that do not chew the cud and have a split hoof, are an abomination to you. (Deut 14:4-8) (Lev 11:2-8, 26-28)

The creatures of the sea: those creatures that have fins and scales are clean to you. Those that do not have fins and scales are an abomination to you. (Deut 14:9-10) (Lev 11:9-12)

The creatures that creep on the earth (insects): those that have legs above their feet to leap on the earth are clean to you. Those that do not have legs above their feet to leap on the earth are an abomination to you. (Essentially, only 3 insects are clean to eat: The locust, the grasshopper and the cricket) (Lev 11:21-25, 29-47)

Yahuah gives physical traits of the beasts of the field, creatures of the waters, and of insects to observe while separating the clean from the unclean. But when it comes to the fouls of the air, He only gives a list of unclean birds by name. I have been looking for a common denominator in their behavior or physical characteristics. The only common denominator I can find so far among the unclean birds, is that most of the water-fowl that dive for fish are counted among other birds of prey with talons. These seem to stick out when setting them side by side with the list of clean birds. Deut 14:19 would refer to those flying fowls that walked on all fours: the bat, flying insects, mutated fowls and the flying fiery serpent that apparently has gone extinct.

A list of unclean birds named in Turah:

The fouls of the air: the eagle, vulture, and the black vulture, the carrion vulture, the red kite, and the falcon, the buzzard after their kinds, and every raven after its kind, the ostrich, seagull, the hawk after their kinds, the nighthawk, the little owl, and the great owl, fisher owl, and the white owl, the pelican, stork, the heron after its kind, the hoopoe and the bat. (Deut 14:11-18)(Lev 11:13-20)


A list of clean birds:

  • Chicken. Gallus gallus any of more than 60 breeds of medium-sized poultry that are primarily descended from the wild red jungle fowl (Gallus gallus, family Phasianidae, order Galliformes) of India
  • Peacock
  • Turkey
  • Partridge
  • Quail
  • Pheasant
  • Guinea fowl
  • Grouse
  • Dove
  • Pigeon

Some argue that the chicken, turkey and peacock are unclean birds. The Ruach/Spirit of Yahuah will lead us into all truth. He teaches us His Turah. If there is any doubt about the food you eat, stay away from it until you have sought out direction from Yahuah with a clean heart. Don’t take my word on anything. Seek Yahuah and His command in all things.

Tahalym/Ps 19:7-11 The Turah of יהוה is perfect, bringing back the being. The Witness of יהוה is trustworthy, making wise the simple. The Orders of יהוה are straight, rejoicing the heart. The Command of יהוה is clear, enlightening the eyes. The Fear of יהוה is clean, standing forever. The Right-Rulings of יהוה are true, they are righteous altogether; more desirable than gold, than much fine gold. And sweeter than honey and the honeycomb. Also, Your servant is warned by them. In guarding them, there is great reward.



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