Section 1: Chap. 2a        Transliterating The Name of יהוה

It is commonly understood by scholars and linguists alike, that transliteration carries with it an unspoken law. A law that says, names, when transliterated from a source language into a target language, are transliterated preserving the sound of each letter so as to avoid changing or ruining the name during the transliteration process. Names are not translated, but transliterated.

When names are transliterated, the original pronunciation is to be well-preserved during this process. Just because this law is understood, does not mean that it is a guarded practice. By applying this law when transliterating the name יהוה, all the falsehood associated with the pronunciation is then stripped from the equation. This is done by reading the name as it is written, transferring the sound of each letter into an equivalent sound, or letter found within the target language. When this transliteration process is practiced consistently in this way to all names in the Hebrew text, we will begin to see names we never saw before. This includes names that carry The Name of our Savior.  The following, is a letter for letter transliteration of our Saviors Name.


Shamūṭh/Exodus 3:15 is clear. He said, “This is my name forever, and this is my memorial to all generations.” The name יהוה, is proclaimed to be His Name forever, spoken by Himself. The spelling is clear. Now, the same can be said for the pronunciation after looking at other names in the Hebrew text that carry the first 3 letters of His Name. But, you must remember that His Name cannot change because of what He said about His Name in Shamūṭh/Exodus 3:15. His Name remains the same even if a portion of it is found in another name. The Yahū/יהו portion would not be pronounced differently from one name to the next through vowel pointing. This practice adds extra letters and removes letters from the original spelling of The Name.  






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